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Board members:

Angels Alive Incorporated was founded in 2007 by Oscar La Madrid III BA, BS from the University of Georgia. During our second year, Tyrone Golden MBA Georgia State, joined our team and began the expansion of our efforts. Our mission is to embrace the forgotten Veterans and citizens in need within our communities, as well as to provide a helping mechanism which would develop a vehicle to enrich the lives of our own children.

Since 2007, we have recruited many local teenagers and adult volunteers to provide HOT meals in the streets of Georgia.

With the recent help of over 300 volunteers from Lawrenceville, Athens, Gainesville, Atlanta, we have fed over 25,350 to date (2017).  We have provided meals to those in need at specific locations: CrossRoads, ( located at 420 Courtland Street. in Downtown Atlanta), in Athens Georgia, (at the arches on the UGA campus) and at Lawrenceville United Methodist Church.

Our board is comprised of a wide representation of industry leaders & US Veterans. Our corporate decisions are made in a collaborative method to govern our growth as well as our sustainability.  We enjoy serving and promote enhancing the lives of our veterans while providing an example for our own children.


Major Robert W. Brown

A member of the Judge Advocate Group of the 148th brigade National Guard of Georgia serving currency in Afghanistan. Major Brown has served in two recent deployments with the Ga National Guard.

SSGT. Oscar A. La Madrid III

Our founder served this country during Operation Desert Shield (1990) and Operation Desert Storm (1991) with the United States Marine Corps. He has an amazing family located in Lawrenceville Georgia where he makes his home with wife Julie Nicole and his five children. He founded Angels Alive to provide a vehicle to teach his children to become altruistic adults. He has continued to build a brand to ensure the citizens of his community understands and works with the veterans living in their communities. He continues serving his community leading multiple efforts to spread awareness all while building a brand to promote military families and certainly to Remember Everyone Deployed with his RED campaign. Since our inception, our scope has matured from providing hot meals to include job training, resume building, job placements and in 2016, a dog breeding service. This is now a separate entity known as Freedom Breeders LLC.  Our goal is to breed AKC German Shepherd dogs and deliver a NO COST donated Service dog which will aid our Veterans in their daily battle of mental health by providing companionship and stress reducing service. Veterans who struggle with PTSD, TBI or any mental health issues will submit their DD214 form and apply for a service dog. This matter is of most importance to our Founder Oscar La Madrid III, a 12-year veteran of the United States Marine Corps (86-98).

CPL. Doug A Byron (bio)


Chef Gabriella N. La Madrid

2016 CIA Graduate

Ms. La Madrid is a high school graduate from Mountain View HS in Lawrenceville Ga, She has an Associates degree from the Culinary Institute of America 2016 from Hyde Park New York. She continues her pursuit of educational excellence and is working on her Bachelors online. She is an inspiring Chef with a high level of energy and currently travels the united states in search of amazing culinary experiences. Currently, in pursuit of her sommelier and cicerone certifications, She has completed the first-course in preparations for the initial vital sommelier certificate. She currently lives in Lawrenceville Georgia.







Mr. David Hein


Please help our organization to continue their mission & provide a vehicle for our youth to help all of the Veterans and those in need in their communities. We will continue serving one hot meal at a time, along with job coaching & professional training for jobs to all who put forth the effort to invest in themselves.

Please donate your time and/or your valued resources and help us pray for the continued growth in our youth.

Our children are the Future.  

Semper Fidelis.

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