Services/ RED T SHIRT

Services/ RED T SHIRT

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  • We Welcome our brethren at Irreverent Warriors, A 501 c3 organization. This Marine led organization promotes the networking and hiring of veterans with a unique database to provide both employer and employee direction. They have created a Silkie Run across the United States and wants to spread our brotherhood to every city available. Stay tuned.

  • To make donations for the HOKA HEY ride make donations here.

2019 RED on Fridays campaign

  • In 2019, We began to build awareness in our society to Remember Everyone Deployed, this will create the social solidarity needed to think about all the families impacted by the servicemen or Woman being deployed to provide peace here in the USA. Join US and wear red every Friday to bring social awareness for all of our citizens to Remember Everyone Deployed. drop us a line tell us your t-shirt size and we will ship one right away.

  • 2020 The Tiny Houses are coming, We are committed to gathering resources and have our boards approval of the first build of a tiny house for Veterans, we are searching for land and the needed resources.m Please consider providing a monthly gift to help us reach our goal.

  • 2018 We have begun the process to breed Service Dawgs! We have secured our registered AKC German Shepherds at GODAC Kennels. Our breeding program is called Freedom Breeders LLC. We now have 2 beautiful dam.

    • Mädchen Noché was born June 2016 & is a great working dawg. She currently has earned her CGC from Alexanderhof Training Academy.  She will be ready as of April of 2018 and we are sure she will produce many great whelps. We intend on her receiving the OFA certified testing to confirm her hips are in great condition.

    • Mädchen Scout who was born April 4th, 2017, She too will undergo the appropriate training and attain her CGC, CGCA certifications. At this time she is loving her freedom and learning every day.

  • We have partnered with certified trainers for PTSD, Anxiety, TBI,  for our Service Dawgs from our friends at ATA (Alexanderhof Training Academy)  We look forward to many years of collaboration with this awesome team of trainers.

  • We offer resume coaching, job placement, networking opportunities to Veterans that are prepared to take that next step into re-entry into their society (Since 2016). Our network continues growing every day, the goal is to ensure we prepare our Veterans for success and ensure its a win-win scenario for all parties involved to gina employment.

  • We offer PADI Scuba Certification in Lawrenceville Ga. Our veteran Dive instructor Dominic Ottaviano is certified to teach all levels of divers especially certified to teach handicapped applicants

  • We provide hot meals to Georgia Veterans living in the elements, our unique approach will allow us to build lasting relationships with this specific social class. Which in turn will allow our volunteers to see first hand their impact on our society. Will you join us to help teach our kids to give and learn to become more altruistic?

Noche CGC Certification Nov 2 17

Noche CGC Certification Nov 2, 2017

Mädchen Scout at 7 months

Mädchen Scout age: 7 months


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