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This Just In….. One of our Founder’s coworkers at Cox Communications has been accepted to ride in the 2020 Hoka Hey Challenge. This motorcycle challenge raises awareness for charities around the globe. After hearing our Founder’s storie about Angels Alive, Steve Davis, a United States Navy Veteran decided to dedicate his part in the ride to benefit us at Angels Alive. We are very grateful for his commitment to this ride and more so for his dedication to our mission at Angels Alive. He has setup a link , these funds are 100 % tax deductible and go directly into our organization to support projects empowering veterans in need. We are committed to support Steve’s physical and mental wellness during this event. The challenge, limited to 100 riders, is just under 10,000 miles with a 13-day completion goal on the backroads of America’s lower 48. Navigation is via paper map only on an unannounced route. Electronic navigation is not permitted, and riders must obey traffic laws including speed limit. When he stops for the night, he must sleep next to his bike. We will be able to track him next August (2020) at via live satellite feed provided by US Fleet Tracking. His rider number is 954, and he will be traveling with rider number 984. 9+4…13! Steve has three of his kids born on the 13th, can you hear what I am saying? We plan to celebrate him with a HUGE BBQ sendoff near the time of his departure. Check out this video to get an idea of the life impression this has created in other riders. If you want to connect with Steve, you can reach him via email at or text at 703-728-0904.


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22 KM, 22 Kilos, for 22 Suicides per day

We welcome a Veteran owned organization to our circle – Irreverent Warriors to a partnership to collaborate and provide services to our Veterans. Whether its networking or job placement in any state in the USA. Preparing them with a new Suit to secure a new job.

Photos coming soon- our founder at the age of 51 will perform the half marathon distance 22 Km carrying 22 Kilos to provide awareness for our 22 per day Veteran suicide rate with a group of his fellow Marines, Shipmates, Airman and Guardsmen.

Veterans Crisis Line

Please visit their website



Our Friends at @WSBTV were kind enough to share this awesome story to help raise awareness in 2017.

2017, Our 11th year serving our community

Our CHRISTmas dinner dates are announced, We will be working on dec. 26-28 and serving our communities on Dec. 29th. Join us this year and help us help others. thanks to our sponsors for proving lunch and the locations to share with our Veterans. Approximately 40% of Georgia’s population are Veterans. Let’s provide Hot meals, Coats, Wool Socks or any outdoor gear you may want to discard. We will distribute any cold weather gear during our meal serving line.

Welcome to our newest Coalition Partners –


Alexanderhof Training Academy in Hoschton Ga.

They help us provide American Kennel Club training like CGC , CGCA & specific Therapy training for PTSD, TBI, Anxiety, Balance issues and much more.

You can do it, We can Help!! – Home Depot #126

We would like to thank our newest community partner, Home Depot Store # 126 in Lawrenceville Ga. We aim to build a lasting relationship with this industry leader. We welcome the devotion and community focus this organization possesses within their management teams and their recognizable orange aprons. Together, we will make a difference in our society, and more specifically, in our very own city of Lawrenceville, Georgia.

New Corporate Sponsor- Atlanta United FC

Dec 7, 2016: A great organization, Atlanta United FC is truly becoming a trailblazer in sports history.  Mr. Arthur Blank has set quite a standard for all of his staff and has certainly implemented some strong leaders in this new sporting venture. One of their largest initiatives has been the planning and development of the new Mercedes Benz Stadium currently under construction in downtown Atlanta. We welcome these great people and certainly look forward to building a wonderful relationship helping our citizens in need in our lovely state, The leadership staff will be available in helping us feed our Christmas Dinner at the intersection of Peachtree & Pine Streets. Rain or shine we will certainly prepare to feed nearly one thousand at this location.

Our 2016 Christmas Dinner event is scheduled.

December’s event for 2016 is well on its way, we will meet on Dec 27-29 and serving on December 30th! We will congregate at W. Crogan St. at First United Methodist Church who graciously will host our event for the 6th year in a row at this venue. This will be our 10th year hosting a HOT Christmas dinner in 4 major cities in Georgia!

Calling all organizations

Please reach out to us if you are in an organization that needs food and or that house elderly or young people. We certainly invite you to contact and reserve meals for their residents. ( )

Donations are now accepted via Venmo, Paypal, and any form of prayers


2015 Christmas Dinner

Cooking days in December 27-29th and serving our cities on December the 30th of 2015!!
We will congregate at W. Crogan St. at First United Methodist Church who graciously will host our event for the 5th year in a row……stay tuned

2014 Ready. Set. Go!

Angels Alive will be hosting our 8th Annual Christmas in the streets dinner on December 30th 2014.  We will be preparing and cooking on December 28-29 and hitting the streets of Atlanta, Lawrenceville and Athens on December 30th. Please help by visiting our donation links and giving from within. Use our volunteer spot links to register and fins out how special it truly feels to give this season, God bless you and yours.

Dec 28, 2013

We have exceeded our serving expectations, with the help of over 100 volunteers and over 600 volunteer hours we delivered 2850 meals in the streets of Lawrenceville, Athens, Atlanta and Decatur. We also donated 1300 portions of Roasted turkey and Dressing to Fort St. United Methodist Church.
Thanks to so many volunteers and corporate support for such an amazing event.

April 21, 2013

A wonderful International partnership benefits Atlanta local citizens.

This event was funded and powered by  the mutual love of  humanity from our dear friends at the Effie Alumni Association. These efforts reached over 400 fellow  men and women in Downtown Atlanta, April 21st 2013.

Join us This December 26, 27 & 28, 2013……..Stay tuned.

We are at it Again!! Join us to prepare and cook a traditional Christmas dinner for our fellow man. We will gather at Lawrenceville United Methodist Church to prepare and make holiday goodness for all of our families in need. Click below to join our efforts.