• Collecting Wool SOCKS & Coats

    Friends and family, We are again collecting NEW Wool Socks or GENTLY used winter coats. As many of you know the majority of these recipients are Veterans and certainly in need of such items to include any sub zero Sleeping bags. We value each and every donation to ensure they will get to a person in need. I know from previous years the Wool Socks are a huge success.

    Thanks in advance to an awesome new year!!
    Bass Pro & Academy have great sales at the moment on Wool Socks..

  • A Coalition is Bourne – 2016


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    We have joined forces with Warrior Overwatch from Winder Ga. and with STAGVETSINC from Milledgeville GA.

    Comfort Farms is a working farm in a secret location in middle Georgia where we work with our veterans to get them the therapy they have earned and get them back into society in a productive fashion. Check out Jon’s Story at www.stagvetsinc.com

    Warrior Overwatch has broken ground in North Ga working on herbs and root plants, they have also become the test site for an aquaponics system, were very excited for their growth in the new developments right around the corner.


  • New Partnerships & Reaching new Heights in 2014

    We are very proud to share that our 2014 effort has surpassed all previous years. We provided food to over 5 thousand humans- one plate at a time. We had over 125 volunteers, many of which were college students who took time from their holiday time while at home visiting their relatives. Our efforts continue to grow and we could not be happier, this year we have partnered with the Effie Foundation to create more events and continue spreading our outreach throughout the state of Georgia.

    2013 AA Feeding 048

  • A record Christmas dinner served in 4 cities in 2013

    A record Christmas dinner served in 4 cities in 2013

    We are very proud to share that over 600 volunteer hours were recorded during this years Christmas event. Our volunteers prepared and cooked over 1500 pounds of poultry donated by our community partners, House of Raeford in North Carolina. This year our Christmas dinner included, Rotisserie Roasted turkey with gravy, home made macaroni and cheese, a traditional bread & sage stuffing and a bottle of Nice purified water. Our collective efforts included the help of over 70 teen aged youth and over 40 adults. Together we were able to feed 2850 friends in four cities of Georgia. We also donated 1300 portions of Rotisserie Roasted turkey and dressing to the Fort Street United Methodist Church in Atlanta. Thanks to so many for their donations and volunteer time which helped our nonprofit organization provide the largest number of meals served in our communities in our history. (pictures on the Angels at work tab)

  • Twin River Teens interviewed on Fox Five News, Atlanta 2013

    Twin River Teens interviewed on Fox Five News, Atlanta 2013

    Two of our founders children (Oscar Antonio La Madrid IV, 15 & Daniela Rosalia La Madrid 13)  were interviewed by Fox Five News on a cold afternoon on December 28th in downtown Atlanta. They helped organize, prepare and cook the meals that would be served in the streets of Athens, Atlanta, Gainesville, & Lawrenceville Georgia.

  • Mission Statement

    Mission Statement

    Our mission is to provide a vehicle for our youth to help our fellow Georgia citizens by coaching enough youth to provide hot meals to those living in the streets all around our communities. This will promote altruistic youth into positive adults and helps provide an awakening experience to our recipients to know someone cares for a better tomorrow.

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