• Hoka Hey Rider 954

    One of our Founder’s coworkers at Cox Enterprises has been accepted to ride in the 2022 Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge. This challenge raises awareness for charities around the globe. After hearing one of our Founder’s stories about Angels Alive, Steve Davis, a United States Navy Veteran decided to dedicate his participation in the 2020 challenge to benefit Angels Alive. Well, it is all happening again in 2022!
    In 2020 Steve rode his Ultra Limited Harley Davidson across these United States from East to West, South to North, West to East, and North to South supporting the Angels Alive charity as a warrior for our cause! We are very grateful for his commitment to this ride and for his dedication to our mission at Angels Alive. Please use our site donation button to contribute to Angels Alive, the cause he rides for. These funds are 100 % tax deductible and go directly into the Angels Alive organization to support projects empowering our veterans in need.

    We are committed to support Steve’s physical and mental wellness during this event. The challenge participation is limited to returning riders and 100 new riders every two years. The challenge encompasses mainly back roads over a 10,000 mile course known only to its planners. The journey is revealed by directions on paper 2,500 miles at a time. Start and finish points along with three checkpoints are the only route information known by the rider at the start of the challenge.  Electronic navigation assistance is not permitted, and riders must obey all laws of the areas they traverse. When riders stop for the night, they are required to sleep next to their bikes. Riders are given any amount of time to complete the specified route, but most riders try to return in time to attend an end of route event in the middle of the 13th day.
    What makes it truly exciting for us, is that we will be able to track Steve and the rest of the challenger’s amazing journey beginning June 26th at 6 am mountain time at www.hokaheychallenge.com via live feed provided by US Fleet Tracking. Steve will be riding under call sign #954–xxx–Davis. Steve is close to all of his Hoka Hey family of fellow riders and supporters but especially close to his neighbor Jimmy Hopkins, rider #984-Badger-Hopkins and his Brother-In-Law, Dustyn Monismith, rider #1116-Moni-Monismith both making their Hoka Hey debut.
    Steve was blessed with an amazing ride in the 2020 Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge. He writes about it here:
    “We started with 136 riders on August 9th 2020 in Panama City Beach, FL – we traveled clockwise on the route below. 87 riders successfully completed the challenge – less than 64%. Temperatures ranged from 35 to 105 degrees, we passed through 3 deserts, 31 states, ran along rivers, mountains, plains, national parks, reservations, monument valley, a copper mine, and lots of corn. It isn’t a race, but I was the 25th bike to finish in 12 days, 4 hours, and 33 minutes riding 10,277 miles, averaging 840 miles per day with a peak mileage day of 1,107 miles. Highs: The People, Sunset at rt 421 in Shady Valley TN, Sunrise on top of Cherhola Skyway, NC, Black Canyon sunrise, CO; Monument Valley on the AZ/UT border. Since learning to ride a motorcycle in 2016, and shortly thereafter discovering the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge, I have wanted to participate in as many Hoka Hey events as possible. This burning desire has taken me on a multi-faceted journey through life on many twisty roads in all types of conditions for almost 80,000 miles. It has brought balance to my life and made me better. I journey through this life leaving nothing left unsaid. I journey through this life as a warrior for the less fortunate. I experience life’s pleasures more fully and weather its storms more easily. I have become the person I was meant to be. One person can make a difference.”
    You can hear more of what Steve has to say about the 2020 Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge, his preparation for the 2022 challenge, and about being human in general at HumanAmplified.com during their season 4 finale on May 31st, 2022. Steve was interviewed by Brandi Fleck on the cutting edge podcast ‘Human Amplified’, which explores the deep meaning behind the everyday existence of human beings.
    Check out this video to get an idea of the life impression the challenge has created in other riders.

    If you want to connect with Steve, you can reach him via email at srdavis2@live.com or text at 703-728-0904.

  • A Coalition is Born – 2016

    We have joined forces with Warrior Overwatch from Winder Ga. and with STAGVETSINC from Milledgeville GA.

    Comfort Farms is a working farm in a secret location in middle Georgia where we work with our veterans to get them the therapy they have earned and get them back into society in a productive fashion. We specialize in recreating that feeling for Veterans of contributor, that feeling of belonging and brotherhood. Check out Jon’s Story at www.stagvetsinc.com

    Warrior Overwatch has broken ground in North Ga. working on herbs and root plants, they have also become the test site for an aquaponics system, were very excited for their growth in the new developments right around the corner. Stay tuned to see the amazing work this team puts together for our Georgia Veterans.


    We are proud to announce the beginning of our breeding system in Georgia, we will breed AKC registered German Shepherds so that we can enhance the quality of life for our Veterans in need of “Service Dogs!” Every service dog provided by Freedom Breeders will be provided on a contract basis 100% and donated to the Veteran to ensure a positive healthy environment for the Veteran and the service Dog.


    A New Partnership with Alexanderhof training academy is formed, stay tuned to see their amazing work training CGC, CGCA, Therapy & Service Dogs.

  • A record CHRISTmas dinner served in 4 cities in 2016

    A record CHRISTmas dinner served in 4 cities in 2016

    All About our Teen Volunteers

    All About our Teen Volunteers

    We are very proud to share that over 1600 volunteer hours were recorded during this years Christmas event. Our volunteers prepared and cooked over 1300 pounds of poultry. This year our CHRISTmas dinner included, rotisserie wood roasted turkey with gravy, homemade macaroni and cheese, a traditional bread & sage stuffing and bottled water. Our collective efforts included the help of over 126 teen aged youth and over 70 adults. Together we were able to feed 2969 friends in four cities across Georgia. We also donated 800 portions of  roasted turkey and dressing to the Fort Street United Methodist Church in Atlanta. Thanks to so many for their donations and volunteer time which helped our nonprofit organization provide the largest number of meals served in our communities in our history. (pictures on the Angels at work tab)

  • Twin River Teens interviewed on Fox Five News, Atlanta 2013

    Twin River Teens interviewed on Fox Five News, Atlanta 2013

    Two of our founder’s children (Oscar Antonio La Madrid IV, 15 & Daniela Rosalia La Madrid 13)  were interviewed by Fox Five News on a cold afternoon on December 28th in downtown Atlanta. They helped organize, prepare and cook the meals that would be served in the streets of Athens, Atlanta, Gainesville, & Lawrenceville Georgia.

  • Mission Statement

    Mission Statement

    Our mission is to promote awareness & guidance for our community to help feed, house and engage our Georgia Veterans. 

    Since 2007, Angels Alive has recruited hundreds of area teenagers and adult volunteers to serve Hot Meals throughout the streets of Georgia for those who have served this great state.

    Oscar La Madrid III
    SSGT USMC/Founder


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